Library Rules

Opening hours:

The library remains open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on all working days.


All the bonafide students, teachers, regular employees and other employees of the college are members of the library.

Library at its own discretion may allow other individuals to make casual use of the library.

Persons who are desirous of availing library facilities shall have to apply online via self registration process through the Koha ILMS link

Categories of membership and their privileges

The categories of membership, number of books lent out and period of loan are as follows-

Sl. No. Category No of book Period of loan in days
1. Teachers (Regular) 15 30
2. Teachers (Part-time) 04 15
3. Employees 02 15
4. HS 02 15
5. BA/ BSc/ BCom/ BCA (Major) 03 15
6. BA/ BSc/ BCom/ BCA (General) 02 15
7. PG 03 15


Books may be renewed after the loan period to stipulated days if there is no other demand for the book. The librarian can recall any book on loan if it is required in the library. The caution money will be refunded to the members on application in writing to the librarian subject to the condition that

  1. The member no longer wishes to borrow and has refunded the books in good condition standing in his/ her name
  2. He/ She has paid in full any fine imposed for non returned of books within the stipulated period
  3. He/ She has returned the borrower’s card issued to him/her if not deposited earlier.

Admission to the library:

  1. Any person eligible to become member of the library or permitted by the librarian may be admitted to the library
  2. On entering the library, every member shall be required to put their signature with necessary details in the register.
  3. Library attendant at the entrance is authorized to examine every one who passes into or goes out of the library.
  4. Bags and other belongings must be submitted in the property counter.

Use of Books:

  1. Every person taking a book out of the library and any reader of the library shall be responsible for the book and shall return it undamaged.
  2. Any person entitled or permitted to use the library, if found guilty of mutilating or disfiguring or defacing by writing in the margin, underlining sentences, making passages or in any other way, or losing a book, journal or other property belonging to the library shall be required to replace such books, other property damaged or defaced. If the book is of a set or of a series which cannot be obtained singly, the whole set or series must be replaced at the reader’s cost.
  3. If replacement is not possible, triple of the cost price will be required to pay. Further, he/she may be fined and deprived of the privileges of the library to be decided by Library Committee or Principal.
  4. Books issued to members are non- transferable without prior sanction of the librarian.
  5. Books on loan should be handled with all care to enable their continued use to the maximum extent possible.
  6. No books shall be issued on loan which if the book, in the opinion of the librarian, is not a condition to be safely handled by the borrower.

Condition of loan:

The following categories of the documents shall not be issued out of the library:

  1. Books treated as reference by the library
  2. Rare books
  3. Newspaper, journals, magazines, back volumes, bulletins and reports
  4. In special cases, the librarian at his discretion may issue a reference book/ journal over night.


Reference books will be those which are selected by the librarian as valuable for their illustrations/ on account of their rarity as belonging to a series/ being out of print/ as difficult or impossible to be replaced if lost/ as books required for constant reference.

Procedure for issuing and returning books:

  1. Readers are required to maintain the order of the books on shelves
  2. The library card will be tenable for one academic year only and shall be non- transferable.
  3. Loss or damage of the library card must be reported immediately to the librarian. After verification of records, if satisfied, the librarian may issue a duplicate library card on obtaining required declaration from the member. Duplicate library card shall be issued on payment of Rs. 50.00 at the college cash counter.
  4. Any misuse of the library card may lead to cancellation of privilege enjoyed by the member.
  5. Books must be returned within the stipulated period. When required for a longer period they may on return be issued again provided the books in question are not in demand by other members.
  6. Any member retaining a book beyond the time allowed shall pay an overdue charge of Rs. 1.00 per day until the book is returned and will not be allowed to take out any more book until the charge is paid.
  7. A student will not be entitled to get his/ her admit card of any examination unless he/ she obtains a clearance certificate from the librarian.
  8. Readers should carefully examine the books issued to them before leaving the library counter. They shall bring immediately to the notice of the librarian any damage or mutilation of the books issued. Otherwise, the borrower will be held responsible for any such damage or mutilation and he/ she may be required to replace it.

Code of conduct in the library:

  1. Using the library and borrowing books from the library are the privileges given to a member. Any misuse of this or violation of any rule or code may lead to the cancellation of this privilege.
  2. Conversation, making noise, use of mobile phone and smoking inside the library are strictly prohibited.
  3. Students shall be strictly be observed in the library, those people who make noise should realize that they will also expect that others should not make noise when they themselves are busy in studies.
  4. Hygienic condition must be ensured in the library so that readers may be able to study in healthy atmosphere.
  5. Readers are expected to maintain reading environment in the library

Other Rules:

  1. No book shall be issued and delivered except the authorized borrower in person or to someone having written authority from his/ her to receive it on behalf of the authorized borrower.
  2. Any infringement of the library rules will disqualify a member’s privilege of using the library.
  3. In all other matters, the librarian shall have the power to take such action as he may deem fit.
  4. The library rules may be amended or altered as and when necessary.

Best reader award

Every year Pandu College Library offers an award known as “Best Reader Award” to a student who fulfills the following criteria

  1. He/ she must be a bonafide student of Pandu College.
  2. He/ she must agree to abide by the library rules.
  3. He/ she must be sincere and disciplined while using the library.
  4. He/ she must use the library to the maximum extent.

The award is announced and offered on the occasion of College foundation day cum Teacher’s Day, the 5th September.

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